About Me

You’re most likely at this blog for one of two reasons:

  1. You haven’t taken a biology class since high school, and to you DNA is a long distant memory dealing with two old white dudes, and some pea plants. If that’s the case I hope this blog can show you that the world of biology, genetics, and genomics is far more interesting and accessible than you were taught to believe. Biology is for everyone, and that includes you.

  2. You’re also a in the field of computational biology or bioinformatics and you’re trying to use software that was not meant for human consumption. In that case, welcome my brothers and sisters! You’ll feel right at home.

My focus is on plant genetics/genomics with a dash of computer science thrown in. So hopefully you can find something of use. You can find me on github, or follow me on twitter. A little about me, I’m currently a graduate student at the University of Georgia in the laboratory of Robert Schmitz. I’m an impassioned lover of plant biology and agriculture, and an adamant believer that our food security depends on our capacity to use emerging technology to advance agriculture.

Feel free to contact me with any thoughts, questions, or opinions.

–Pablo Mendieta